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Electrical Engineering


Repair and Install Appliances

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Fashion Designing


Design Natives and English Wears

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Mechanical Engineering


Service/Spray/Repair of Vehicles

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Welding & Fabrications


Repair/Install Iron Doors, Gates etc

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Customer Testimonails

It is extremely exciting to just make a call after signing, and a professional, well trained mechanic showed up. He fixed my cars within hours. One of the best things about the SearchArtisans artisans is that they know how to respond to their clients.



Customer Testimonails

I was scared at first because the old me would question whether not I was doing well. Now, I know I am a winner in business and life generally. One of the best things about the SearchArtisans artisans is that they know how to respond to their clients.



Customer Testimonails

It is extremely exciting to just make a call after signing, a professional, and well trained Plumber and Electrician came. They did well. One of the best things about the SearchArtisans artisans is that they know how to respond to their clients. Thanks.



Why choose Us

Our SearchArtisans team is passionate about delivering excellence and committed to helping clients succeed. Committed to mentoring and respect, we demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

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Our Mission

To create a flexible, user friendly, reliable and easy-to-use web portal for connecting users and artisans, and populating a network of contacts.

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Our Vision

To create a platform that helps to recognize and reward artisans’ efforts by showcasing their crafts and marketing them to local and foreign users. Recognising the economic input or artisans, rewarding their efforts.

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Car Alignment

A mechanic is an artisan, skilled tradesperson, or technician who uses tools to build, maintain, or repair machinery


Electronic Repairs

Electrical and electronics repairers repair a variety of electrical equipment in telecommunications, utilities, and other industries.


Electrical Wiring

An electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines, and related equipment.


Video Coverage

A cinematographer or director of photography (shortened to DP or DoP) presides over the camera and light crews on a film or video production.

Artisans and Consumers

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Expand your business by offering your professional services, all within our SearchArtisans. Our team leaders and the agents or referral act as the face of service consumers and the artisans. They organize events, host discussions, and act as a resource for all SearchArtisans updates, info, and news.

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Our SearchArtisans, registered Artisans are professionals, passionate, driven, and experienced in their various fields of specializations. They are willing to work within their closest locations through engaging their service consumers, proper approach and troubleshooting, reasonable negotiations to a mutual agreement.
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How Our Agent Programme Works

Built for agents, artisans, service consumers by SearchArtisans! Our Referral Agent helps artisans to ensure they are registered on our portal to make them visible for all service consumers in Nigeria for the rewards and experience they deserve.

Step 1.
Register For Transactions

Agents have access to register with their full details as specified on the portal and be created as a user.

Step 2.
Agent Identification Code

A referral code is generated for each agent, which will be used as an identification for each agent.

Step 3.
Online Purse

An online purse is created such that each agent's share for bringing an artisan wold reflect in their purse and a notification of same would be sent to the agent through SMS.

Step 4.

We help to ensure frequent updates from the agent as they use the portal. After closing, the agent will have an opportunity to drop a feedback.